Denver recently voted to approve the citizen-led Green Roof Initiative (I-300) this month. Prime Roofing does not have a dog in this fight, but we took the liberty of breaking down exactly what a green roof is, as roofing professionals. The initiative, as explained by it’s authors, wants Denver to avoid becoming an urban ‘heat island’ by installing either gardens or solar panels on commercial roof space. The point supporters tried to drive home throughout the election included the fact that as the city of Denver expands, the amount of natural beauty embedded in and around the city limits shrinks. Plus, initiative leaders say covering the natural landscape with materials like asphalt and concrete draw more heat to the developed area. This is true, and is also applicable to homeowners when it comes to what kinds of roofing material they choose for technicians like our team at Prime Roofing to install and repair.

So, in theory, a green roof requirement would mean adding habitats for small animals and insects back to the roofs of our cities would benefit residents and our state in the long run, as it pertains to the city’s carbon footprint. Critics passionately argue against cost and the challenges that come with hosting species on a rooftop deck that would not otherwise live there. Denver’s high-desert, semi-arid climate makes it hard to maintain an ecosystem with variety, especially one without regular care or staffing to watch over the rooftop greenery. This will pose a challenge for building owners in the short-term, as well as the initial cost of installing solar panels and green roof materials. There are also critical arguments that mention government regulation and involvement in real estate like city buildings and commercial spaces.

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