If you’ve been in your home for over two decades (or are sneaking up on this mark), chances are replacing your roof is already on your list. Unfortunately, many homeowners avoid this project as long as they possibly can, due to its sheer size and inevitable cost. Due to roof replacement being relatively expensive in terms of home improvement projects, families may even procrastinate beyond their replacement being due to save cash or avoid the inevitable inconvenience of having crews like our team of experts at Prime Roofing strip the old roof, install a new one, and haul away the garbage that’s left at the end.

But eventually, replacing your roof will become necessary and pressing task, especially when replacement means reinforcing your roof’s structure and strength to protect your family from leaks and vast temperature swings. Plus, a roof replacement is a great opportunity to consider new roofing materials that may better fit your needs or rework your ventilation options that have been causing discomfort over the years.

First, if your shingles have become damaged beyond repair or you’ve consistently patched or repaired the same trouble areas for over five years running, it may be a sign it’s time to replace your roof. Of course, these questions can be answered by your local roofing contractors, and our team’s combined experience makes us the perfect company to meet all your roofing needs in 2018.

Another obvious reason it’s time to schedule a roof replacement service with Prime Roofing is when cracks and leaks become present. This is especially pressing in the winter months, when snowmelt and runoff can make its way into your attic and damage your home with mold growth or excess moisture. Look out for water stains or pools of standing water on your roof. If it’s sagging, this is a more severe and high-priority issue to give immediate attention to. If you notice your roof is sagging for any reason, call our team at Prime Roofing right away so we can either look into repairs or recommend a service appointment and strategy that fits your needs and schedule. It’s important to keep up with this kind of maintenance in order to keep your home safe and strong year after year, especially in Colorado’s dramatic seasons.