Your home’s main structure might be the first priority when it comes to quality roofing work, but not the only area of a home that requires it. Aside from the main roofing panels, roofs on other home-area spatial extensions like a front porch, wraparound deck, or backyard deck can be more vulnerable to weather-related wear and tear. Plus, spotting potential repair projects or signs for future replacement can be more easily seen and noticed on these areas of the home. Here’s what to watch out for.


Replacement is often a no-brainer if your home or deck’s roof is over a decade old. In general, a roof cannot maintain its quality and integrity for more than twenty years at the very most. If you’re unsure as to whether age has pushed your roof to its limits, contact Prime Roofing’s team of professionals to diagnose the problem and inspect your home’s space, indoors and outdoors. We’re able to easily point out impending problems and recommend steps to repair and better maintain the roof over your head.


The next thing you’ll want to keep an eye on is general damage. Any obvious wear manifesting in broken, cracked, lost, or otherwise damaged shingles is often part of the road to a full roofing replacement project. Be sure to keep an eye on these things over the course of your home, and roof’s life to assure no more home maintenance visits are taken than needed. It’s also important to observe where water may be pooling on the roof, while either fixing the valley itself or changing the plane it sits on.


Most of the time, a repair service or preventative replacement does end up saving you money in the long-run. This is compared to emergency roofing services, which not only tend to sell for a higher price but also come under a more restricted deadline. In those situations, you’re less likely to receive feedback, more input on the project, or personalized sense of service. Plus, our job at Prime Roofing is to recommend the best kind of roof to suit your home and family’s needs while saving you some cash in the process.

Call Prime Roofing today if you believe a part of your home is ready for a roof replacement or upgrade service.