As a local Colorado Springs roofing company, we’re more than familiar with the process of home inspection. And in Denver’s real estate market, these transactions are happening at a record pace. Most inspections include a routine walk-through and assessment of the land and home itself, which includes the roof, our expertise. Inspectors are typically a form of ‘middle man’, hired most commonly by the potential homebuyer.

If a property requires a roof certification, there’s a more detailed process that goes into obtaining this certification compared to a standard home inspection. In these cases, an inspector will walk the property’s roof and take a thorough look at all square footage. They will be taking note of where repairs need to happen, where generalized and weather-related wear has happened,, and the condition of all shingles and roof accessories like gutters. All repairs must be completed before a roof certification is awarded, and inspectors will include a time estimate with each certification that is contingent upon how well these repairs are done. Things like slope and materials are also incorporated into a roofing certification, making it a more convoluted process than a generalized home inspection, where the roof is simply a piece of the pie.

At Prime Roofing, we’re not only dedicated to performing repairs when a family occupies a home. In fact, our pride and confidence in the work we do makes us a top candidate for roof certification repairs. This is because our services are precise, professional, and finished with the details in mind. Keep in mind that during roofing certification inspections, all former repairs are often audited to award the certification, and any bad jobs done in the time between inspections can hurt the seller. Trust our team at Prime Roofing to give your roof a clean bill on inspection day.

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