When it comes to home design, the possibilities for roof variation are wider than most homeowners believe. A home’s roof is, quite literally, the cherry on top of a home’s overall look and design, while providing critical protection in the process. Whether you’re in the market for a new home or looking into building a custom home on your own, there are many details to think about regarding function, style, and preference on behalf of the homeowner. We at Prime Roofing broke down these points.

First, you’ll want to assure your roof can brave the ever-changing Colorado weather and the most dramatic aspects of each weather season in our state. From heavy snow in the winter to hail in the summer and wind in the spring and fall, any Colorado roof requires elements that not only protect your family and home from these weather events, but can also allow it to maintain its integrity over the years.

When building a custom home, most rules when it comes to roofs can be broken. But, if the structure is already standing, one must consider the current framework and roofing materials that made up the original roof. Depending on your homeowner’s association rules or neighborhood requirements, you may be restricted to a few types of roofing materials and unable to make bigger design choices in this area. Be sure to check in with building codes and rules before re-roofing your home in this case. However, custom homes are a clean slate. Here, homeowners can look into using a variety of materials depending on what will be the best combination of fashion and function in the long run. Often times, asphalt shingles are best-sellers among American homeowners. They’re not only cost-effective, but also versatile in color and use. But they’re not the strongest; that recognition goes to concrete roofs and clay tiles due to their weight.

Metal and tiled roofs are also durable forms, and metal roofs go with the current home design trend of urban accents in suburban areas. These roofs come in panels or shingles that vary widely in color.

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