The long-term forecasts may call for warmer temperatures this winter, but we at Prime Roofing know Colorado too well to count on a forecast to lead us through the long winter months. And when it comes to winter, ice is the biggest culprit of home damage in multiple areas, including your rooftop.


To prevent ice from building up on your roof and in your gutters, damaging those gutters, and adding unnecessary weight to your home structure, there are a few tried-and-true methods to utilize before the first snow falls. First, if you’re interested in placing deicer wires and coil systems to your roof, contact us at Prime Roofing today to inquire about the service itself, tips for any do-it-yourselfers, and to get a quote on potential prices for a preventative service like this. Though it’s not in our main list of roofing services, it’s still within the bounds of our trade and expertise, and we’re always happy to help serve you in any way we can this season. And although these services can be cumbersome and more expensive, they’re often worth looking into if your home’s roof takes a beating over the winter months.


If you miss out on preparing your rooftop for snow and ice, there is potential to essentially shovel or plow your roof. Of course, the procedure does not totally match that of the ground operation on your driveway and sidewalks, and this can be a very dangerous process. Depending on the pitch of your roof, the task may not even be feasible, and shoveling snow off a roof can damage the shingles very easily, especially when you don’t shovel with the ‘grain’ of the shingles themselves. Again, any uncertainty or break in confidence when it comes to these tasks can lead to nervousness and later injury on the job. Chemical or commercial deicer materials are also options, but it’s important to avoid rock salt, as it can easily damage and corrode a roof’s shingles over the course of a single season. Let the professionals handle your reactive deicing needs and call our team at Prime Roofing right away.