Home-Buyers Guide to Roofing

It’s no secret Colorado is a great place to live, and those just moving to the state are still coming in record numbers. If you’re looking to buy a home in the Colorado Springs area, do not neglect to inspect the roof of your potential new home. Don’t know what to look for? Well, we’ve put together a few things to keep your eyes on when shopping around for a new pad:

Check the Gutters

2740-4841263Your real estate agent will not likely let you up onto the roof to check these things out yourself, but you can ask them or the previous homeowners about a house’s drain systems. Be sure to ask about any previous damage or repairs to the gutters and downspouts, and get a feel for when the last time maintenance was done on the roof and its accessories. If the shingles look stripped or the gutters are harboring a lot of grains, then it might be a sign you’re dealing with an older roof or one that has not seen its fair share of maintenance.

Keep Looking

From there, take a look for yourself from the ground at the situation above your future home. You can check out the roof’s slope, any damaged, worn, recently replaced or completely missing shingles. If you notice anything abnormal be sure to tell your realtor about them so they may be fixed or negotiated when making an offer on the home, if you choose to do so.

Look at the ventilation

If ventilation is lacking or you’re looking at moving into an older home, be sure to see whether there’s any signs of warped roof sections or leaks. Plus, improper ventilation will kill your wallet in energy costs over time, since it’ll limit moisture indoors and winter snow’s ability to melt and drain off the roof in a timely manner.

Size up the plumbing

This has to do with potential leaks. The last thing any new homeowner wants is to deal with a roof leaking months or even days after moving into a new home.  Plumbing vents and flashings are common places for leaks, and if you’re uncomfortable getting up on the roof to inspect it, call a professional. At Prime Roofing, we’ll offer a fast, friendly service inspection to make sure your home is not at risk for any damages or emergencies.