Colorado Springs Commercial Roofing Contractors

Finding commercial roofing contractors in Colorado Springs you can trust can be challenging. Through our dedication to customer satisfaction and roofing excellence, Prime Roofing has establiColorado Springs Commercial Roofing Contractorsshed a reputation as the leading contractor in Colorado Springs. We know how important it is to establish a successful relationship with the client, as well as be able to provide a stellar product.

We provide service ranging from complete re-roofing and new roof installations to maintenance and repair of your existing roof. Our contractors are professional and efficient, saving you time and money. Since we manufacture many of the materials that we use in our work, both labor and material warranties are available. Some of the products we offer include Asphalt Shingle Roofs, Metal Roof Systems, Class 4 Impact Hail Resistant Products, and more. Call our Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors today at 719-599-4020

Colorado has some of the most drastic weather swings in the country. The weather can change from sunny and calm to a thunderstorm with extreme winds in less than ten minutes. The extreme and rapid changes in temperature and humidity as well as wind force can cause extreme stress on a roof system. Additional factors such as the age of the roof, shoddy construction, poor quality of materials, and failure to inspect the roof after extreme weather can exacerbate the already harsh conditions.

Our comprehensive maintenance program involves physical inspection of your roof to determine its current condition, and identify weaknesses and failures before they become a larger, more expensive problem. When performed on a regular schedule, maintenance can extend the service life of your roof by years or even decades past its original expected life. Early detection of leaks and failures makes it possible for our Colorado Springs commercial roofing contractors to repair and restore your roof, which is significantly less expensive and time-consuming than a full re-roof.


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