Have you ever cleaned the rain gutters before? If the answer is no, it may be time to check in on this important aspect of your home’s exterior ahead of the coldest days of the year.


We’ve talked about checking the gutters for damage in the home-buying process before on this blog, but never in a maintenance sense. Our experts at Prime Roofing put together some must-know tips on how to go about tackling this monster of a to-do list item this fall.


A clean rooftop gutter system can prevent excess water and debris from damaging your home, as rain and snowstorms can often lead to water damage repairs required for your roof up top, foundation below, or the gutter system itself. Homeowners should try to clean their gutter systems at least once a year, depending on how active of a year it was with regard to storms. We’ve had a generally dry year in Colorado so the urgency to clean the gutters may not be as high as years past, but you never know when the next big storm will hit on our side of the Rocky Mountains.


Basically, the process of clearing the gutters is similar to bailing water out of a sinking boat. You’ll need to adhere to specific safety rules when you’re up off the ground by using a sturdy, extendable ladder placed at a safe angle from the house and leaned up against an equally sturdy part of the roof. After making your way up the ladder, you can begin using a scooping device to begin clearing debris and gunk out of the gutters themselves. Place a tarp or series of trash bags or plastic below you to toss away the excess, and when you’re finished, it’s often helpful to rinse out the newly-cleared gutter system with some running water. Pulling a garden hose up high enough to run through the gutter system can put the final touches on a job well done and help homeowners identify any other potential problems with their home’s gutter system or damage that may have accumulated since the last cleaning.


If you’re thinking this groan-worthy chore is avoidable, you’re absolutely right. Of course, this depends on your home and the type of investments you’re willing to make in improving it, but you can install rain gutter covers to avoid accumulating debris over time. These are often available at your local hardware store, but you can always ask a Prime Roofing expert about whether covered gutters are right for your home. Or simply hire help to do the job!


If you’ve been putting off clearing the gutters on your home’s roof, be sure to check in on the status of your gutter system before the true winter season hits. It’s not only for your safety, but also for the lifespan of your roof’s gutters, saving you money over time.