If it’s almost time to sell, you might have a few final home improvement projects in mind in order to boost your home’s ultimate resale value. For many homeowners, one of these projects is a new or freshly updated roofing solution for their home. But one small detail that’s often overlooked can make a world of difference in how attractive your home will be to prospective buyers, and that detail is color.

It’s a simple but dramatic facelift for many homes, and changing the color of a rooftop is a bit more complicated than simply slapping on a fresh paint coat. Depending on the color scheme your home already has going, you’ll want to avoid any dramatic statements with the roof.

Buyers will often take  in a home at large first, in order to see how the entire vision ties together. This has to do with the exterior color palette and landscaping work. If your home looks clean, up to date, functional, and trendy, buyers are sure to flood the next open house. Keep an eye on how your home fits into its surrounding environment too, whether that involves comparing it to houses next door or taking in a vista sprawling in any direction. Plus, you’ll want to check in with you local homeowner’s association, which is likely to urge a predetermined range of color options. Plus, local hardware stores and paint supply stores often have paint pairings that are built by designers or are common for customers to buy. Be sure to consult these guides for inspiration or confirmation of an already-formed color scheme.

Finally, consult a local contractor when you’re looking to change the color of your roof in colorado springs. At Prime Roofing, we’re not just repair and installation experts. We’ve been around the block enough to offer some great design ideas for your particular home and style. Call us today for a consultation and to schedule an inspection and re-roofing appointment. We look forward to serving you!