Colorado Springs Roof Repair Services

Prime Roofing has decades of experience in helping commercial and residential clients with all of their Colorado Springs roof repair needs.

We are full-service roofing company, which means our expert contractors can help with roof restoration, new roof instillation, roof repair, re-roofing and maintenance. We have a HAAG Certified Inspector for Residential Roofs license and we’re an Owens Corning Proffered Installer.

When you hire Prime Roofing, you can rest easy in knowing you’re working with a licensed, insured Colorado Springs roofing contractor that is committed to providing the highest levels of customer service and customer satisfaction possible.

Roof Installation in Colorado Springs

Re-roofing your home doesn’t have to be stressful. When you contact Prime Roofing, you’ll have the benefit of working with an experienced, local service provider who understands the unique roofing needs of Colorado Springs residents.

If your roof is failing due to age, defective materials, improper ventilation or severe weather, call Prime Roofing today to schedule a free, no-hassle estimate. We can help you inspect your existing roof and we’ll provide you with an honest assessment that will allow you to make an informed decision about whether it’s best to repair or replace your roofing system.

 Colorado Springs Roof Maintenance Services

Colorado Springs homeowners understand the value of maintaining their current roofing system. Not only can this help identify potential future problems, it a helps them get an idea about its current condition.

At Prime Roofing we have been helping homeowners in Colorado Springs with regularly scheduled, annual or bi-annual inspections for more than 30 years. We are a trusted, reliable roofing contracting company and our decades of experience have made us the top-rated choice for Colorado Springs roof maintenance and repair.

We’ll provide you with an up-front and honest assessment of the state of your current roof, which can allow you to schedule needed maintenance and repairs that can help extend the life of your roof.

Early detection of problems is imperative if you want to get the longest life possible out of your roof—especially since repairing or restoring your roof is far less expensive than installing a new one.

Licensed Colorado Springs Roofing Company

If you’ve decided it’s time to start looking into roof replacement, this isn’t the type of job you should hand over to just anyone.  At Prime Roofing, nothing breaks our hearts more than going out to a house to learn that a recent roof repair (or replacement) that has been done by a competitor needs to be done over— from scratch.

Not only is this stressful for our clients, it can also be very, very expensive.

Experience Matters

At Prime Roofing our company has more than three decades of providing the highest levels of customer service and customer satisfaction to Colorado Springs homeowners. We are licensed and insured, and we’re committed to completing roof repair projects on time and on budget.

We don’t believe in using cheap or cut-rate materials and we only work with the highest quality roofing materials on the market. At Prime Roofing, we work with brands that are known for their performance and durability. This helps ensure that our customers are kept out of the rain, wind and cold for decades.

If you’ve started the process of getting Colorado Springs roof replacement estimates, call Prime Roofing today to learn why we’re the top-ranked roof replacement company in the area.

Continued Education

At Prime Roofing, all of our contractors participate in continuing education, which allows our customers to have the peace-of-mind that comes with working with an experienced service provider.

You should never, ever place your roof replacement in the hands of an inexperienced amateur. Unlicensed or inexperienced contractors are prone to making mistakes and there are no guarantees that their work will stand the test of time.

References Matter

Prime Roofing is a top-rated service provider on Angie’s List and we have an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.  We have decades of experience Colorado Springs roof replacement and we have an in-depth understanding of the roof replacement needs of local property owners.

I recommend Prime Roofing because of their professional expertise, friendly customer service, and attention to the needs of the homeowner. We were out of town when the roof was put on. I had friends and neighbors monitor the work in our absence and they were very complimentary of the manner the work was done and of the finished product. Prime Roofing did an excellent job and cleaned up the work area in a very satisfactory manner. – Tom G

When you contact Prime Roofing, you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with a dependable, reputable, licensed and professional roofing company.

We’re not some fly-by-night contractor and we are committed to providing our clients the best possible roof repair services at a fair and honest price.  We provide honest, up-front estimates and will never tack on hidden or surprise fees.

If you have questions about when you’ll need to replace your roof or if you’re interested in scheduling someone to come out to provide you with a Colorado Springs roof replacement estimate, call our office now at 719-599-4020.

Signs I Need to Replace a Roof in Colorado Springs Colorado

Anyone who lives in Colorado Springs knows that the weather in this part of the country can get a bit nuts. From wind storms, to rain storms to blizzards, our roofs take a beating all year long.

A professionally installed roof is mean to last a long time, but they aren’t designed to last forever. If you think you need to replace your roof, Prime Roofing can help. We’ve been helping Colorado Springs homeowners with all of their roof replacement needs for more than 30 years. We’re licensed and insured, and we have an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.

For more information or to schedule a free estimate, call our office now at 719-599-4020 to speak with a customer care agent in your area.

Signs Your Roof May Need to be Replaced

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, contact Prime Roofing now to schedule an appointment.

  • If your roof is more than 20 years old, you may need to start thinking about a replacement. Although most roofs are designed to last between 20 and 25 years, there are many factors that could accelerate the aging of shingles.
  • Are your shingles curling and buckling? If so, it may be time to replace your roof. Shingles are supposed to lie flat, and if you’ve noticed your shingles are damaged, buckling or cracked, this could be a sign that you need a new roof.
  • If it seems as if half the neighborhood is replacing their roofs, it may be time to replace yours, as well. Homes that were built around the same time will generally need to have their roofs replaced at the same time. When you contact Prime Roofing, we’ll be happy to provide you with a free roof evaluation. If your roof does need to be replaced, we’ll provide you with a free, no-commitment-needed estimate.
  • Have you had issues with leaks or water damage? If you’ve experienced leaks after a storm, this is one of the most noticeable, telltale signs that your roof may need to be replaced.
  • Moss is supposed to grow on the ground and on trees- but it’s not supposed to grow on your roof. A buildup of moss on the top of your home can cause all sorts of problems—including by not limited to the fact that it’s holding moisture against your roof! Sure, you can try to brush it off, but chances are, it’s going to grow back. If you’re having issues with plants growing where plants shouldn’t be growing (aka, on your roof), call Prime Roofing today at 719-599-4020.

If you need to replace your roof today or if you want to get a Colorado Springs roof replacement estimate so you can plan for the work to be done in the future, we can help. Call our office now at 719-599-4020 to speak with a customer service agent and learn why Prime Roofing is the #1 choice for roof replacement in Colorado Springs.

Roofing Experts in Colorado Springs

If you need help with roofing repair or replacement in the Colorado Springs area, look no further. Our company has years of experience in helping our clients with all of their residential and commercial roofing needs.

When you work with Prime Roofing you can rest assured that you are working with a fully licensed and insured company. Our Colorado Springs roofer crews are insured, and we provide all of our employees with workers compensation insurance.

If your roof is leaking, or if you’re starting to suspect that your roof will soon be in need of repair, call Prime Roofing now at 719-599-4020 to schedule a free, no-hassle estimate.

Full Service Colorado Springs Roofing Company

At Prime Roofing we’re committed to providing the highest levels of customer service and customer satisfaction as possible.  We’re also a full-service roofing company, which means we can assist you with repairs, maintenance, re-roofing services, roof restorations and new roof instillations.

We have a HAAG Certified Inspector for Residential Roofs license and we are a certified Preferred Installer with Owens Corning.  All of our roofers participate in continued education and our commitment to excellence is just one of the reasons that Prime Roofing is the #1 choice for Colorado Springs roofing repairs.

Your roof is one of the biggest assets in your home and as such, you want to hire an experienced, reliable and licensed contractor to help you with your repair needs. Working with an expert roofing company means you can rest assured that you’ll be dealing with a dependable, professional and reputable contractor.

Commitment to Excellence

Prime Roofing has been assisting Colorado Springs homeowners with their roofing repair needs for years. Our knowledge, expertise, commitment to excellence and customer service are just some of ways we differ from our competitors.

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureaus and we have been screened and approved by Home Advisor.  Prime Roofing has also received high marks of approval on Angie’s List and we’ve received a KKTV 11 viewer’s choice First Place Home Improvement Roofing award.

We had Prime Roofing install a ridge vent on our roof a couple of years ago.  The additional attic venting has worked well, and [has] also held up well against recent wind storms.  We also just had them come out to fasten some loose and peeling shingles.  Very friendly and professional.  [I] would recommend and intend to use them when my roof needs a complete replacement.

–Steve S.

Decades of Experience

Prime Roofing was established in 1984 and our knowledge, experience and commitment to customer service have made us leaders when it comes to Colorado Springs roofing repair.

When you work with Prime Roofing you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with working with a licensed and insured service provider. We’re also a full-service company which means we can help you with a wide range of roofing repair and roofing replacement needs.

For more information or to schedule a free, no-hassle estimate call our office now at 719-599-4020

Tips for Roof Ventilation with Prime Roofing

An underrated detail of a well-installed, well-maintained roof, regardless of what it’s made of, is striking the right chord when it comes to ventilation. Today’s technologies in the construction industry offer multiple ways to achieve peak ventilation and create a comfortable atmosphere in your home. The downside is, the plethora of options often leads to confusion, and later, frustration, for homeowners. In 2018, direct your questions about ventilating your home—from methods to location to why it should be prioritized in your next home improvement or roofing project—to our team of experts over at Prime Roofing.

So what is ventilation anyway, and why is it integral to achieving the very best and comfortable atmosphere inside a home? It all comes down to controlling just how warm or cold the air in your home can become, regardless of outside temperatures or heat created by activities or residents inside. Proper ventilation methods can create a way for moist or warm air to escape to the outdoors. This often happens through a roof or the attic directly beneath it. This is why roofing experts often deal with most questions about ventilation, aside from HVAC experts. It’s technically our territory! Plus, proper ventilation through your home’s roof is best for preserving a home and it’s many working parts as temperatures swing and change throughout the seasons here in Colorado. In other climates, ventilation reduces strain overall on a home’s heating and/or cooling system by helping exterior air cycle and escape the crevices of a home.

Types of roof ventilation systems come in a range of shapes and sizes, and can unfortunately be quite complicated to an untrained eye. But, our team at Prime Roofing understands how to achieve perfection when it comes to ventilating your home and improving airflow throughout. We specialize in roofing services such as repairs, installation, replacement, and consultations over design and ventilation. It’s never the wrong choice to contact your local roofing contractors at My Prime Roofing, as we keep your home and family in mind with each decision about your roof.

Ventilation systems in Colorado commonly come in box, ridge, and off-ridge vent system forms. There are also power vents, which are a type of box vent system that takes advantage of wind turbines. Box vents are simple, static vents without any motors or moving parts to handle. It’s simply a convection system, working naturally and taking advantage of normal airflow. Ridge vents are also static and, as the name suggests, appear along the ridge of the roof they sit on. They’re a common choice due to their subtlety and visual appeal. Off-ridge vents are static as well, and cover a section of the roof that’s cut out near a ridge, but not on it. Unfortunately, these are not the most efficient option, but these decisions all come down to which ventilation system fits your home and family based on location, budget, and type of roof.

Call Prime Roofing to speak with our team about your roof’s ventilation and how to improve it in 2018.

The Best Time For A Roof Replacement

If you’ve been in your home for over two decades (or are sneaking up on this mark), chances are replacing your roof is already on your list. Unfortunately, many homeowners avoid this project as long as they possibly can, due to its sheer size and inevitable cost. Due to roof replacement being relatively expensive in terms of home improvement projects, families may even procrastinate beyond their replacement being due to save cash or avoid the inevitable inconvenience of having crews like our team of experts at Prime Roofing strip the old roof, install a new one, and haul away the garbage that’s left at the end.

But eventually, replacing your roof will become necessary and pressing task, especially when replacement means reinforcing your roof’s structure and strength to protect your family from leaks and vast temperature swings. Plus, a roof replacement is a great opportunity to consider new roofing materials that may better fit your needs or rework your ventilation options that have been causing discomfort over the years.

First, if your shingles have become damaged beyond repair or you’ve consistently patched or repaired the same trouble areas for over five years running, it may be a sign it’s time to replace your roof. Of course, these questions can be answered by your local roofing contractors, and our team’s combined experience makes us the perfect company to meet all your roofing needs in 2018.

Another obvious reason it’s time to schedule a roof replacement service with Prime Roofing is when cracks and leaks become present. This is especially pressing in the winter months, when snowmelt and runoff can make its way into your attic and damage your home with mold growth or excess moisture. Look out for water stains or pools of standing water on your roof. If it’s sagging, this is a more severe and high-priority issue to give immediate attention to. If you notice your roof is sagging for any reason, call our team at Prime Roofing right away so we can either look into repairs or recommend a service appointment and strategy that fits your needs and schedule. It’s important to keep up with this kind of maintenance in order to keep your home safe and strong year after year, especially in Colorado’s dramatic seasons.

A Permanent Roof? The Reality

At Prime Roofing, we specialize in common repairs and regular maintenance of your roof. But what if that didn’t have to be an option. When advertising roofing products (and products in general), many throw in the idea or allure of a ‘lifetime’ option that will never require replacement. Being your resident experts, we keep up with developments in our industry, and decided to dedicate this blog post to explaining what exactly a roofing manufacturer means when they use the word ‘lifetime’.

One thing that’s completely true in most cases is the length of a roof’s warranty. Yes, these often stretch for the life of your roof, which can be up to half a century. The fine print in these situations is understanding that lifetime warranties are often calculated based on proration and do not account for inflation or natural market-based increases in the price of roofing materials over time. So, to break it down, if you’re halfway through a lifetime warranty, a roofing materials manufacturer will give you half off the new material, but charge it at the current price rather than the price that was posted the day you installed your roof.

Like a car driving off a dealership lot, many roofing materials begin to take hits in the face of Mother Nature the moment they’re installed on your home. No matter how well you keep up with repairs and inspections over time, they’re going to need replacement. But, the material that often last the longest in the face of sun exposure, heavy storm systems, and general wear is metal. Metal roofs are, aesthetically, more popular in urban and ultra-rural areas. Rarely do these types of roofs grace the suburbs, but depending on how a home is built and what it has going for it design-wise, it could be the perfect option for choosing longevity in a roofing solution.

Aside from metal roofs, the reality of a ‘lifetime’ roof does not actually exist. But, proper care and maintenance with expert roofing contractors by your side can make all the difference in stretching the life of your roof to its fullest extent without putting your budget or safety at risk over the years. In terms of cost, consider how much square footage you’ll be covering with your chosen roofing material and how it’s oriented. This could dictate how much wear or damage it faces in the years to come.

Our team at Prime Roofing has years of experience in maintaining roofs in our service area at a competitive price to homeowners. Call us as you head into 2018 to schedule your next roofing maintenance appointment, and we’ll work with you to stretch your roof as close to ‘lifetime’ as it can possibly get.

4 Common Roofing Problems We Can Handle

You may not believe it, but your roof is quite literally the cherry on top of your home. However, it’s not such a minor part of the sundae, simply topping off the substance that lies beneath. In fact, proper roofing techniques and maintenance serve as a means of achieving comfortable conditions and overall safety year after year in your Colorado home. Your roof is your protection from any storm that comes your way, and is built to last and remain strong over time. That is, if your roofing contractor does the job right. At Prime Roofing, we never miss, and our reputation for honest, friendly, competitive services outshines the competition in quality and endurance. Our mission is to assure that our neighbors not only are protected through the seasons, but also have the opportunity and knowledge to upgrade their roofing options heading into the new year.

At Prime Roofing, we understand any sort of project involving the roof can be intimidating, both in scale and potential cost. But our customers can rest easy knowing our expertise and determination to get the job done right the first time will never falter, even in the winter months when roof work slows down. To avoid cutting into your savings or budgets allocated to other dreams and expenses, it’s important to keep up with roof maintenance and inspection schedules to spot problem areas before they become necessary repairs. Here are a few common things our roofing experts can handle.

The first and most common issue we roofing experts handle is damage to shingles. Shingles are essentially the hard ‘outer shell’ to your roof, and directly face the elements on a daily basis. This can lead to shingles being lost, cracked, broken, and warped due to weather. Better to replace a few shingles than have to replace your roof entirely, so working step by step to keep your roof damage-free can save money in the new year.

Other damages we often tend to in the roofing industry is common weather damage like pooling water and tree damage. This can come from a heavy storm or natural life cycles of the trees on your property. If branches snap and fall on your roof, or those branches continue to hang over your roof and drop leaves, needles, and even snow on it year-round, there’s a higher chance that debris will end up accumulating and putting strain on the roof itself and the shingles that protect it. Standing water on a roof can also lead to leaks which are not only more expensive to repair, but also can directly affect your home and the comfort of being inside. Leaks can lead to mold growth when left alone, and can reduce the value of your home. It’s also a common reason for roof inspection failure.

If you require roof repairs or maintenance in the new year, look no further than My Prime Roofing for all your contracting needs and expertise.

What is a Green Roof, Anyway? Breaking It Down with Prime Roofing

Denver recently voted to approve the citizen-led Green Roof Initiative (I-300) this month. Prime Roofing does not have a dog in this fight, but we took the liberty of breaking down exactly what a green roof is, as roofing professionals. The initiative, as explained by it’s authors, wants Denver to avoid becoming an urban ‘heat island’ by installing either gardens or solar panels on commercial roof space. The point supporters tried to drive home throughout the election included the fact that as the city of Denver expands, the amount of natural beauty embedded in and around the city limits shrinks. Plus, initiative leaders say covering the natural landscape with materials like asphalt and concrete draw more heat to the developed area. This is true, and is also applicable to homeowners when it comes to what kinds of roofing material they choose for technicians like our team at Prime Roofing to install and repair.

So, in theory, a green roof requirement would mean adding habitats for small animals and insects back to the roofs of our cities would benefit residents and our state in the long run, as it pertains to the city’s carbon footprint. Critics passionately argue against cost and the challenges that come with hosting species on a rooftop deck that would not otherwise live there. Denver’s high-desert, semi-arid climate makes it hard to maintain an ecosystem with variety, especially one without regular care or staffing to watch over the rooftop greenery. This will pose a challenge for building owners in the short-term, as well as the initial cost of installing solar panels and green roof materials. There are also critical arguments that mention government regulation and involvement in real estate like city buildings and commercial spaces.

The Prime Roofing team has years of experience in roof repair colorado springs homeowners money and helping them invest in environmentally friendly roofing practices. From preparing a rooftop for solar to choosing the right material and color to assure your home stays comfortable while keeping energy costs low, our experts commit themselves to helping our clients improve their homes on a daily basis. We stay up to date with industry innovation and new roofing technologies to assure our services stay modern, cutting-edge, and professional. Contact Prime Roofing to schedule a repair or installation appointment for your home.

Choosing A Roof Color with Prime Roofing

If it’s almost time to sell, you might have a few final home improvement projects in mind in order to boost your home’s ultimate resale value. For many homeowners, one of these projects is a new or freshly updated roofing solution for their home. But one small detail that’s often overlooked can make a world of difference in how attractive your home will be to prospective buyers, and that detail is color.

It’s a simple but dramatic facelift for many homes, and changing the color of a rooftop is a bit more complicated than simply slapping on a fresh paint coat. Depending on the color scheme your home already has going, you’ll want to avoid any dramatic statements with the roof.

Buyers will often take  in a home at large first, in order to see how the entire vision ties together. This has to do with the exterior color palette and landscaping work. If your home looks clean, up to date, functional, and trendy, buyers are sure to flood the next open house. Keep an eye on how your home fits into its surrounding environment too, whether that involves comparing it to houses next door or taking in a vista sprawling in any direction. Plus, you’ll want to check in with you local homeowner’s association, which is likely to urge a predetermined range of color options. Plus, local hardware stores and paint supply stores often have paint pairings that are built by designers or are common for customers to buy. Be sure to consult these guides for inspiration or confirmation of an already-formed color scheme.

Finally, consult a local contractor when you’re looking to change the color of your roof in colorado springs. At Prime Roofing, we’re not just repair and installation experts. We’ve been around the block enough to offer some great design ideas for your particular home and style. Call us today for a consultation and to schedule an inspection and re-roofing appointment. We look forward to serving you!