A Permanent Roof? The Reality

At Prime Roofing, we specialize in common repairs and regular maintenance of your roof. But what if that didn’t have to be an option. When advertising roofing products (and products in general), many throw in the idea or allure of a ‘lifetime’ option that will never require replacement. Being your resident experts, we keep up with developments in our industry, and decided to dedicate this blog post to explaining what exactly a roofing manufacturer means when they use the word ‘lifetime’.

One thing that’s completely true in most cases is the length of a roof’s warranty. Yes, these often stretch for the life of your roof, which can be up to half a century. The fine print in these situations is understanding that lifetime warranties are often calculated based on proration and do not account for inflation or natural market-based increases in the price of roofing materials over time. So, to break it down, if you’re halfway through a lifetime warranty, a roofing materials manufacturer will give you half off the new material, but charge it at the current price rather than the price that was posted the day you installed your roof.

Like a car driving off a dealership lot, many roofing materials begin to take hits in the face of Mother Nature the moment they’re installed on your home. No matter how well you keep up with repairs and inspections over time, they’re going to need replacement. But, the material that often last the longest in the face of sun exposure, heavy storm systems, and general wear is metal. Metal roofs are, aesthetically, more popular in urban and ultra-rural areas. Rarely do these types of roofs grace the suburbs, but depending on how a home is built and what it has going for it design-wise, it could be the perfect option for choosing longevity in a roofing solution.

Aside from metal roofs, the reality of a ‘lifetime’ roof does not actually exist. But, proper care and maintenance with expert roofing contractors by your side can make all the difference in stretching the life of your roof to its fullest extent without putting your budget or safety at risk over the years. In terms of cost, consider how much square footage you’ll be covering with your chosen roofing material and how it’s oriented. This could dictate how much wear or damage it faces in the years to come.

Our team at Prime Roofing has years of experience in maintaining roofs in our service area at a competitive price to homeowners. Call us as you head into 2018 to schedule your next roofing maintenance appointment, and we’ll work with you to stretch your roof as close to ‘lifetime’ as it can possibly get.