You may not believe it, but your roof is quite literally the cherry on top of your home. However, it’s not such a minor part of the sundae, simply topping off the substance that lies beneath. In fact, proper roofing techniques and maintenance serve as a means of achieving comfortable conditions and overall safety year after year in your Colorado home. Your roof is your protection from any storm that comes your way, and is built to last and remain strong over time. That is, if your roofing contractor does the job right. At Prime Roofing, we never miss, and our reputation for honest, friendly, competitive services outshines the competition in quality and endurance. Our mission is to assure that our neighbors not only are protected through the seasons, but also have the opportunity and knowledge to upgrade their roofing options heading into the new year.

At Prime Roofing, we understand any sort of project involving the roof can be intimidating, both in scale and potential cost. But our customers can rest easy knowing our expertise and determination to get the job done right the first time will never falter, even in the winter months when roof work slows down. To avoid cutting into your savings or budgets allocated to other dreams and expenses, it’s important to keep up with roof maintenance and inspection schedules to spot problem areas before they become necessary repairs. Here are a few common things our roofing experts can handle.

The first and most common issue we roofing experts handle is damage to shingles. Shingles are essentially the hard ‘outer shell’ to your roof, and directly face the elements on a daily basis. This can lead to shingles being lost, cracked, broken, and warped due to weather. Better to replace a few shingles than have to replace your roof entirely, so working step by step to keep your roof damage-free can save money in the new year.

Other damages we often tend to in the roofing industry is common weather damage like pooling water and tree damage. This can come from a heavy storm or natural life cycles of the trees on your property. If branches snap and fall on your roof, or those branches continue to hang over your roof and drop leaves, needles, and even snow on it year-round, there’s a higher chance that debris will end up accumulating and putting strain on the roof itself and the shingles that protect it. Standing water on a roof can also lead to leaks which are not only more expensive to repair, but also can directly affect your home and the comfort of being inside. Leaks can lead to mold growth when left alone, and can reduce the value of your home. It’s also a common reason for roof inspection failure.

If you require roof repairs or maintenance in the new year, look no further than My Prime Roofing for all your contracting needs and expertise.